About Us

Location, Location, Location!

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The building
consists of 203 units, all with balconies and magnificent oc
ean views of the ever changing, majestic Atlantic Ocean. As you enter through our landscaped driveway, you are greeted by our Security department who monitor all activity in the building and grounds 24 hours a day. Fountains welcome you into our lobby which is beautifully appointed. Shining terrazzo floors with trademark Lapidus geometric shapes and colors guide you to our beautiful new elevators. Most of our apartments consist of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but there are also a number of one bedroom, one and a half bathroom units while some larger apartments feature two and a half bathrooms.

Our building has completed a major renovation on both the exterior and interior. We have performed a concrete restoration and complete exterior painting in warm, sunny colors and all halls and corridors have also been redecorated. Additionally, the outside area which includes the parking area, pool d
eck and the 50,000 gallon swimming pool, which gets sunlight all day long, has also been renovated with new pavers and filled with lounges, chairs, tables, barbecue grills and canopied shade areas. The unique location of Royal Coast between the landmark Sea Watch restaurant and the low rise Native Sun timeshare insures that our views will never be compromised. Beach access is just a few steps away from our pool and deck area and it is, indeed, one of south Florida’s widest, most magnificent, and uncrowded beaches. Fishing boats and dive boats always dot the seascape to take advantage of the excellent fishing in the area and to explore our spectacular reefs barely a mile offshore. Windsurfers and paddle boarders, all with their colorful gear only add to the breathtaking tableau unfolding in front of you.​​​

Our staff, consisting of management, maintenance, security and housekeeping, are well known for their very friendly and helpful manner in interactions with residents, guests and visitors. They are all very proud of our building and work hard to maintain it.

Now is an excellent time to become a proud owner at the Royal Coast, at very attractive prices. We currently have a Board of Directors focused on a single goal—making the Royal Coast one of the most beautiful and desirable buildings in the area. 

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