Royal Coast Condominium Association,Inc.

Storm Updates

Hurricane Irma has left us with a huge cleanup project. After consideration the Royal Coast weathered the storm very well. A number of owners have had water intrusion and we are actively working to mitigate the damage. Our first order of business is to repair the AC system. Pipes have been broken in the distribution network and our cooling tower has been severely damaged. We are trying  to restore it by Thursday/Friday.

Amazingly the Royal Coast never lost power while all around us the buildings are dark. Yours truly included.

It has been very gratifying to see the number of owners going out their way to help their fellow neighbors.

Cleanup continues. The AC contractor is on site and working on the roof piping. Several connections have been made.

A1A remains closed to the north due to down power lines. You can access us from Commercial Blvd.

The plan is to address the pool tomorrow and try to unclog the circulation pipes of sand.

A1A has now been opened in both directions. All new power poles and associated wiring has been replaced. Hopefully full power will be restored to all the buildings.

The AC contractor has worked some magic and the pipes are repaired. We are working on one tower and one circulation pump. This should hold us until new components can be found and shipped to us.

We now have the lengthy task of going to all units and reset the individual unit AC's.  The hallway AC has been restored to about 50%. New parts are on order to restore full operation.

The pool work had to be postponed to tomorrow to accomplish the aforementioned  AC work. The pipes are clogged with sand. It has been decided to completely drain and restart with all new clean water. Once the pool is full it should only be a day or two to balance the chemicals and provide a healthy environment.

As a sign of getting back to normal, the concrete restoration contractor is back on site and remobilizing to begin work by weeks end.
9/13/2017   Supplemental

AC Update...In order to reset your unit the procedure is:

1...turn thermostat off
2...wait one minute
3...turn thermostat on

your unit should now run...if not you may need a service call


Cleanup continues...the arborist has deemed several trees out front a liability and they will be removed in a few days.

We are about 60% done with unit inspections and checking AC will be hearing from us soon.

We have decided to acid wash the pool before refilling...the walls are caked with oil (body/suntan) and it only makes sense to do it now rather than November. It will be acid washed tomorrow morning and then we will refill.

The plan is to start resetting the pool deck tomorrow. 

Too many issues today to address the pool deck. Monday is the new target date.

Pool has been acid washed and is now filling. Tuesday should see the pool ready for use.

All units have been checked for AC issues and if you did not hear from us it is working.

Any units that we observed water intrusion, we have contacted the owner. Again, if you did not hear from us you are OK.

The access control system has problems. The contractor is onsite and working the issues.

The pool has been filled, however the circulation pump has frozen solid on it's bearings. The contractor will be onsite tomorrow to try to repair it in place, which would save a lot of time. We can only then balance the chemicals.

The pool deck tables have been assembled and umbrellas to follow.

The replacement of the canvas will take some time and as a matter of practicality we will probably wait until "Maria" has made her decision on direction.

We have made some inroads on the access control system but the beach gate and North parking lot gate continue to be problematic. We are propping them open during the day to allow beach access and closing at night. 

Final Update

The pool pump has finally been repaired and we now have water circulation. The chemicals are being added and should be good for swimming on Friday.

We are still looking for a supplier for the roof fans that blew away.

The second tower will be repaired in about ten days time.